IRS “The Real Truth” Now you know how it feels to be profiled! kick rocks tparty


IRS TAKE DOWN CRIMINALS the FBI, CIA Can NOT! 1960’s you weren’t crying foul-play

Brief History of IRS
The roots of IRS go back to the Civil War when President Lincoln and Congress, in 1862, created the position of commissioner of Internal Revenue and enacted an income tax to pay war expenses. The income tax was repealed 10 years later. Congress revived the income tax in 1894, but the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional the following year.
16th Amendment
In 1913, Wyoming ratified the 16th Amendment, providing the three-quarter majority of states necessary to amend the Constitution. The 16th Amendment gave Congress the authority to enact an income tax. That same year, the first Form 1040 appeared after Congress levied a 1 percent tax on net personal incomes above $3,000 with a 6 percent surtax on incomes of more than $500,000.
In 1918, during World War I, the top rate of the income tax rose to 77 percent to help finance the war effort. It dropped sharply in the post-war years, down to 24 percent in 1929, and rose again during the Depression. During World War II, Congress introduced payroll withholding and quarterly tax payments.

A New Name
In the 50s, the agency was reorganized to replace a patronage system with career, professional employees. The Bureau of Internal Revenue name was changed to the Internal Revenue Service. Only the IRS commissioner and chief counsel are selected by the president and confirmed by the Senate.
Today’s IRS Organization
The IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 prompted the most comprehensive reorganization and modernization of IRS in nearly half a century. The IRS reorganized itself to closely resemble the private sector model of organizing around customers with similar needs.

The IRS does the job it was created to do over time. The IRS has been able to take down CRIMINALS. no other HIGH POWERED agency, CIA, FBI. In 2012 the IRS launched more tax-related investigations and prosecutions than the year before. Despite high-profile cases involving secret Swiss bank accounts and offshore tax havens, the number of new international cases fell to 211 in 2012, from 244 in 2011.

There were 898 identity theft-related criminal investigations in fiscal 2012, more than three times 2011’s 276.

IRS have continued to investigate over the years many high-profile cases:
FDR Imposes Audits on Andrew Mellon
IRS Audits Martin Luther King Jr.
John F. Kennedy’s Ideological Organizations Project
IRS Sued With Catholic Church
Nixon and the IRS Come Full Circle

Black Panthers
Malcolm X
Nation of Islam
Louis Farrakhan
Medger Evers

Caesar Chavez
Fidel Castro
Che Guevara

Now you know how it feels to be profiled. You complain because it affects your organization, YOUR people. Your concerns should be addressed to affect the people. You make decisions and laws that affect only you, this is another reason, “WE THE PEOPLE” need to stop letting the people who pay to win seats in Congress and the Senate make the decisions that affect WORKING PEOPLE. They don’t give a rats ass, what really affects us WORKING PEOPLE. Retirement, college tuition and loans, jobs, healthcare, criminals, guns, education, immigration, RAPE all over this country and you want our attention to be towards, what does NOT immediately effect us? This entire conversation is A distraction from what really matters. REPUBLICANS you don’t get IT. It’s not about YOU, it’s about “We the People”!

SOULutions for the SOUL
Lateresa Jones
Inspiring Congress Woman

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