Ariel Castro the Sex DEMON

republican men


Laws are created to protect “US THE PEOPLE”. Most of the time they aren’t worth the paper they are written on! Representatives for the people, are not representing “US the PEOPLE”.

Protective orders are court orders issued by judges to protect victims of violence and other abuses. Protective orders are intended to protect victims from being further victimized by an abuser. While the different categories and forms of protective orders vary state-by-state, many of their basic qualities are the same. To apply for a protective order, file an application with your court and appear before a judge at a hearing. Victims of domestic violence have NO FAITH in protective orders. They have failed victims, over and over again. This should be a great lesson to be learned, LAWS MUST change in this country to better serve “US the People”. Reach out to actual victims, survivors who knows what it feels like to live in captivity on a daily basis. You throw Experts in our faces and they are clueless from the reality of what victims experience. How victims process to heal and how many victims continue to choose mates that victimize them. Victims are living in captivity everyday, when you have been a victim of rape and abuse over an excessive amount of time, this becomes a life style. Every victim that becomes a survivor and heal to becoming a Thriving, awesome for our team of winners.

Ariel Castro has had a history of abuse over the years. The only protection the law has provided; a personal protection order that wasnt validate because he didn’t show up in court, at that time a warrant should have been issued for his arrest. Police DO NOT take these orders seriously, they to often shame the victims, and silence them. I speak to women and men who are victims and they repeatedly state that they feel like open targets. Laws must change in this country to protect those that are being threatened for their lives on a daily basis. Ariel Castro was driving our children around, scoping out his deranged thoughts of WHO DO I TAKE? Society has not done enough to protect our children, women or men from abusers. Ariel Castro planned the kidnapping of 3 young ladies whom he physically abused, mentally abused and sexually abused whenever however he felt like it over ten years. When you’re a victim, this becomes a way of life, your grateful to be alive. When your being beaten, raped and tortured on a regular basis, escaping is not an option, surviving is the only option. Ask a victim! An expert can’t tell you the truth about abuse or rape, only what they have been taught.

Read more: Definition of Protective Order | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_6665043_definition-protective-order.html#ixzz2SjN8WeZg

Abusers are the faces of many, with NO discrimination. No prejudices. ABUSE Stops when we stand in TRUTH.

SOULutions for the SOUL


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