Amanda Berry ~ Healing is a process


Definition of kidnapping (n)

Bing Dictionary


[ kid nàpping ]

1.abduction: the action or crime of forcefully taking away and holding somebody prisoner, usually for ransom
[ rayp ]

1.forcing of somebody into sex: the crime of using force somebody to have sexual intercourse with somebody
2.instance of rape: an instance of the crime of rape
3.violent destructive treatment: the violent, destructive, or abusive treatment of something


1.maltreatment: the physical, psychological, or sexual maltreatment of a person or animal
2.improper use: the illegal, improper, or harmful use of something
3.improper practice: an illegal, improper, or harmful practice

A victim of abuse for 10 years, raped and child-birth, that child gave her the courage to “Take a Stand”. Her motivation, not to allow this way of life to be for her child, of course she knew the child would be a victim. Amanda arrived at a home she has not step foot in for years, emotionally she was not aware of the awakening to the soul she would endure. Her mother made her life’s transition and she has not had the time to grieve her mother’s death. The mere fact of knowing your mother left this earth with NO peace in her soul. Amanda walked into a home that was like walking into a “time machine”, taking her back thru her history of yesteryear. Amanda returned home with a 6-year-old child that was a product of rape, the only thing most of us victims of rape have to hold on to and validate our LOVE. Amanda, many of us victims have been their, we have lived in captivity with our abusers for decades. Grateful your here and provide the awareness that is needed in society today. Take your time, process and heal. Abuse is a long-term event that has long-term consequences of healing. Continue to heal my sister.

SOULutions to heal the SOUL

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