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Definition of demon (n)

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[ dmən ]

1.supposed evil spirit: a supposed ghost or spirit regarded as evil
2.personal fear or anxiety: a fear or anxiety that torments somebody
3.expert: somebody who is very skilled at something

Synonyms: fiend, evil spirit, devil, monster

Definition of sex (n)

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[ seks ]

1.sexual behavior: sexual activity, or behavior leading to it
2.male or female gender: either of the two reproductive categories, male or female, of animals and plants
3.reproductive characteristics: the set of characteristics that determine whether the reproductive role of an animal or plant is male or female

Synonyms: gender, sexual category, sexual characteristics, masculinity, femininity, sexual role

The demon is loose in the world. When angels were kicked from the heavens, they are here roaming the earth. They have attacked you through child abuse, you have allowed men, women, children to beat and sexually abuse your children and validated it by keeping a secret. You think your protecting your family by keeping secrets of ritual abuse, the kind of abuse that grandfathers, fathers, mothers, siblings rape their own flesh and blood. You keep those secrets because you feel humiliated by the actions of others. You choose to allow that behavior to exsist on a regular basis thru generations. You have cursed your own generations. Ritual abuse is the abuse of a child, weaker adult, or animal in a ritual setting or manner. In a broad sense, many of our overtly or covertly socially sanctioned actions can be seen as ritual abuse, such as military basic training, hazing, racism, spanking children, and partner-battering. Some abuse is private…some public. Public ritual abuse may be either open or secret. WHAT IS RITUAL ABUSE? (NARROW DEFINITION) The term ritual abuse is generally used to mean prolonged, extreme, sadistic abuse, especially of children, within a group setting. The group’s ideology is used to justify the abuse, and abuse is used to teach the group’s ideology. The activities are kept secret from society at large, as they violate norms and laws.
The pastors of the Churches are abusing your children (Eddie Long, Catholic Church)You women sit in the pews with short skirts and thongs to feed the sexual appetitie of your pastors. Ignoring the needs of the children. You women allow those men to have several relationships that are sexually oriented. You allow your young children to be prey to the sex demons, taking your eyes off the children and selling their souls to the sex demon for the short glorification of lust.

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