Boston Marathon 2013 WE are Americans, when 1 hurt we all hurt

Republican Senate candidate Gabriel E. Gomez is running the Boston Marathon today, hoping to drum up some publicity for his campaign and bask in the glow of one of the city’s premier events.

To that end, the wealthy private equity investor and onetime Navy SEAL has scheduled a number of campaign stops along the 26.2-mile route.

He held a “pre-marathon gathering with supporters” in Hopkinton, and has planned a “halfway-there Women for Gomez support section” in Wellesley, and a post-marathon press conference near the finish line in Copley Square.

Meanwhile, aides to Gomez are sending out tweets in honor of a local veteran for every mile Gomez runs.

But one of Gomez’s Republican rivals isn’t standing on the sidelines and applauding.

State Representative Daniel B. Winslow today launched gomezisrunning.com, a website that declares “Gomez is running… for the Obama agenda,” and includes a copy of the letter Gomez wrote to Governor Deval Patrick, asking the governor to appoint him to the interim Senate seat in January. In that letter, Gomez pledged to support Obama’s stances on gun control and immigration, policy positions he now opposes on the campaign trail.

“At least in this kind of race Gabriel Gomez knows what direction to run towards,” said Charles Pearce, a Winslow spokesman.

This is Gomez’s fifth marathon, but first time running Boston. The Boston Athletic Association’s website showed the 47-year-old Cohasset resident started out the race quickly – running a 7:54 mile for the first 5 kilometers — before slowing to a 11:05 mile as he crossed the 35-kilometer mark.
Josh Crary, one of the 40 blind runners taking part in the Boston marathon, stopped around the 20-mile mark, after getting a call on his cell phone from his sister telling him of the explosion at the finish line. “We went into a family home nearby after we got the call,”Crary told NBC News. Crary says he was still six miles from the finish line, so he heard no explosion.

MEDFORD — When Jesse and Carolyn Edsell-Vetter run in the Boston Marathon Monday, they’ll have a lot of support, including from their 7-year-old and 2-year-old children, who have

been cheering them on throughout their four months of training.

Representatives from the Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership will also be rooting for the Medford couple, who reported raising $21,800 at press time. According to Carolyn, she’ll need the encouragement.

Just to name a few people participating and to let us continue to realize WE ARE AMERICANS first, when 1 hurt we ALL HURT.

SOULutions of LOVE


One thought on “Boston Marathon 2013 WE are Americans, when 1 hurt we all hurt

  1. As a friend of Josh and his assistant for his blog (www.bostonblndrunner.com), thank you so much for including him in your post and thanks you for all your thoughts and good unifying thoughts about today’s unfortunate events. Sending love!


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