Momma you stabbed ME to death!

tameria-greene-murder-trial-detroit1 Report-Abuse-Web-PosterCPS_393032_7

Momma you hated Me, Daddy knew you BEAT me! STATE OF MICHIGAN GUILTY!

Momma you beat me more than you beat anyone in the house. You cursed me, always talked bad about me and to me. Momma, I loved you because you are my momma. Momma you told me to call Jovan Daddy, I did. He sat down watching you beat me time after time. He did nothing to help me. He argued about you not hitting HIS kids like you hit me. Momma, I just wanted you to love me. Momma, I cried and wet myself because I was afraid. I went to school and NO BODY asked me if I was OK or needed help. They ignored the dirty clothes I wore, they ignored the marks on my arms,the bites, the marks on my legs and body. They ignored my CRY, so I stopped crying. Momma you have always been mean to me. The one lady I thought would help me, our social worker, she never asked me what happened to ME, she asked you and daddy. Daddy always lied to her and said I was BEAT UP AT SCHOOL and she never picked up the telephone to call the school or my teacher. Momma I was so tired, you finally decided you were tired too, you screamed LOUD and began stabbing me
Thrusting a knife into me to kill me: You stabbed me until I was lifeless. Grateful my other siblings no longer have to live with your daily torture. I hope my brothers and sisters know I loved them. I’m sorry they had to witness your uncontrollable anger and you stabbing me until the last breath left my body. Thank-you for sending me to a place, where my father is my keeper.

Dear Tameira Greene,

I am so sorry NO ONE HELPED YOU. I am sorry your community ignored your cry. I can’t give you life, but I can give you a voice. I cry for YOU and other kids like “US”. You see my love angels do speak, LOUD and clear, our purposes are different on this journey called life. You are the crucifixion of CHILD ABUSE. Sleep lil one. I got work to do……….

Let the excuses begin:

allegations of abuse and neglect that date back to October. Some of the abuse the girl allegedly suffered included biting and bruises. Both the state Department of Human Services and Wayne County court officials are investigating why the girl remained in the home.

Greene had her children temporarily taken away from her in 2010, after police found them home alone with no food in the house. A state document in the case said Mull “uses drugs” and his “rights have been terminated to 2 children.”

In the amended petition filed Monday, the Department of Human Services said on Dec. 23 it received a referral alleging Greene was improperly supervising her children, threatening harm and neglecting them.

Child Protective Services tried to verify the children’s well-being that day, but Greene initially was uncooperative, the petition said.

She eventually let the team observe the children, who were “running around in the home” without visible injures or bruises, but refused to let anyone speak with Tameria privately, the document said.

On Dec. 27, a CPS specialist saw the children again and noted they were “clean and dressed appropriately,” the petition said. The next day, a worker “observed no visible injuries or bruises.”

Two days later, DHS officials were told Tameria had been stabbed in the chest.

Jeanne Fowler, founder of the child advocacy agency Big Family of Michigan, said officials are too busy “pointing fingers.”


The Child Protection Law requires the pregnancy a child less than 12 years of age or the presence of a venereal disease in a child who is over 1 month of age but less than 12 years of age is reasonable cause to suspect child abuse and neglect has occurred and a 3200 must be filed. As far as the situation described, usually hospitals question parental supervision issues and that’s why CPS must investigate. From a law enforcement perspective, the age of consent is 16 so pregnancy under age 16 can be a law enforcement issue. We complete a law enforcement notification when we become aware of a situation but law enforcement does not act unless the parent files a complaint.

SOULutions for the SOUL TO HEAL


Kids-TALK Children’s Advocacy Center
The Guidance Center
40 East Ferry St.
Detroit, MI 48202


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