Domestic Violence Shelters for MEN & children


Fathers are being victimized by spouses, these same women abusers are left with the Children; Dad has NO SAFE HOME to take US too!

Overwhelmingly, victims seeking shelter are women (and there are a lot of reasons for this too) and donors, grantors, and foundations that fund such programs rely on statistics which tell them that most men are better able to work to support themselves; so allocation of resources for men is minimal. There actually used to be shelters specifically for abused men; one in California, and at least one in Colorado Springs (started just like most domestic violence shelters are…by victims) – but since even most MEN can’t be convinced that men can be victims of domestic violence, they’ve all pretty much closed due to lack of funding. Even the Domestic Violence Hotline for Men, which was actually founded by a woman, ended up changing to a more general purpose hotline, and is now the Domestic Violence Helpline for Men & Women (at 888-743-5754). If you are a man reading this article, please consider that, in order to remain as a viable resource, that hotline and programs in your local community, need YOUR financial support.

Craig Norberg-Bohm has 30 years of experience building support systems for men. He has worked with men who perpetrate domestic violence as well as male survivors of sexual assault. As coordinator of the Boston-based Men’s Initiative for Jane Doe Inc., the Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, he now promotes men’s role in ending violence, abuse, and oppression.

Great information obtained from “Good Men Project” & “Aardvarc”

Yes the increasing number of men who are victims are leaving relationships, they leave those children behind suffer additional abuse from the abuser. Creating another generation of abuse. On a mission to do BETTER.

SOULutions to Heal the SOUL

MEN you do have resources:
800.656.HOPE rape,abuse,incest


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