Sherry West~James Henry Brooks The TRUTH is NOT in YOU 2

parentsbaby shot

Who stands up to protect the KIDS?

Brunswick City Commissioner James Henry Brooks is the fourth person outside of two people charged with the murder to be arrested in the constantly developing case. The 59-year-old is accused of influencing a witness and obstructing law enforcement in the investigation, the Glynn County Sheriff’s Office said.

Brooks is being held in jail pending a court appearance, according to authorities.

The commissioner’s attorney, Alan Tucker, told reporters Friday that his client wasn’t trying to interfere with the investigation.

“What he was trying to do, at the point and time that he was approached here at the courthouse, was just tell these folks you have a right to remain silent, don’t talk to police unless you have an attorney present, and I think that was the crux (of) what caused the problem,” Tucker said. He was discussing actions of a current case with someone being charged in the hindrance of an investigation. The youth being charged in this murder case, should we fear for them, all the adults in these 2 young men lives are poor examples. Would it be farfetched to say, the adults were expecting to get paid in this plot. Dirty, dirty, dirty Brunswick Georgia, your nice quiet town has been a brewing pot for Federal sized political criminals.

Cases like these are dangerous, small town, everyone knows everyone,to figure out the truth is the responsibility of law enforcement. Prosecutors are to take the evidence and prove what law enforcement claims.

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — The lawyer for one of the Georgia teenagers charged with murder in a baby’s shooting said Monday his client is “absolutely” not guilty and the grandmother of the second suspect said her grandson would never be involved in such a crime.

“My client is absolutely, 1,000-percent not guilty,” public defender Kevin Gough, who represents 17-year-old De’Marquise Elkins, told The Associated Press. He made the comments Monday, while preparing for Elkins’ first court appearance on the murder charge. It was scheduled for 2 p.m. Monday.

Elkins and 15-year-old Dominique Lang are charged in Thursday’s shooting of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago who was in his stroller on a walk with his mother, Sherry West, who was also shot. Both suspects are charged as adults.

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2013/03/24/2776945/tip-led-to-arrests-in-ga-baby.html#storylink=cpy

I will be the child advocate in this case, far to many children are punished due to the greed of adults.

Keeping an eye on YOU
SOULutions for the SOUL


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