Jodi Arias, Nancy Lanza,Kassandra Perkins,Dottie Sandusky GUILTY OF ABUSE

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America your such a discriminating society.

Jodi Arias is the extreme case of abuse, she murdered her boyfriend in a murder of passion, his family had/has no clue to the relationship he was involved in, until the unthinkable happened, Jodi Arias viciously committed an OJ Simpson killing of passion. Jodi is on trail for murder, the conversation of the actual abuse and extent of the abuse Travis lived will never be discussed.

Nancy Lanza the ultimate sex predator of the century. All the characteristics of a SEXUAL abuser. You all made Sandy Hook about gun control, the underlying issue was/is the root of Adam Lanza’s issues. If a child has been sexually assaulted by his MOTHER,she manipulates him/control him, makes him feel obligated to her. She controls everything about his life. She even controls YOUR THINKING about Adam, she plants the conversation in your head, because she is such an upstanding citizen in society YOU BELIEVE her. Adam has no way to prove his sexual abuse, who would believe him over his mother? the only way this theory could have been proven, if a rape kit was performed on Nancy Lanza validation of RAPE would be present, murder was the crime.

Kassandra Perkins
rags to riches. The consequences of keeping those “BRING ME UP WOMEN” around. Kassandra walked into a life style for herself, her mother, her family. Controlling, verbally abusive, threatened to take the child and he would never see her again, threatened to destroy him, take his money, threw tantrums, made him feel guilty, blamed him for how SHE treated him. He begged her, keep the house, I will pay for the baby, NO she wanted it all.

Dottie Sandusky Denied the existence of children being abused-blamed her own son for problems in his life. Views her son as bad, worthless and burdensome, liar. Dottie washed a few of those bloody sheets in her home where her SON was raped and the other boys who were raped. Upstanding successful member of society. KIDS PAID THE COST!

These are life changing cases for Men and Domestic Violence. Women do ABUSE, rape and KILL. Validation of the effects of Mental illness in our society and how ABUSE can and will affect people.

78% of sexual assault were perpetrated by a non-stranger
38% of perpetrators were a friend or acquaintance
28% of were an intimate partner
7% of were another relative
Sending Hope, Love & Healing

SOULutions for the SOUL
rainn.org for help
211 for resources
911 Emergencies


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