Louis Santiago/Sherry West


No One saw the shooting, we can’t find the gun!

Murder is the most serious of all crimes. Therefore, knowledge that can help to predict and thus potentially prevent extraordinary violence is worth reporting. There is a controversy in the conversation: I’m not stating it’s not impossible for Blacks to kill children with such violence, the likely hood of black young men to kill a baby at point-blank range, NO. Hispanics are more likely to perform actions like that, yes this statement sounds racist just logically thinking about what could have triggered this event. 1)revenge for the young man who killed her son and who was not charged, a young man who reports say took a knife to do bodily harm to another person. No one talks about Louis Santiago. This sounds like a hit or mother inflicted murder when someone shoots an infant at point-blank range in the face.

SOULutions for the SOUL
Sending hugs, love & peace

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