Travis Alexanders friend to the resuce :Blogging Conversation

travis alexander
I posted a blog titled: Jodi Arias saw him Jerking off to pics of Lil Boys” I found the conversation interesting. I copied and pasted it for you to view. Whats your thoughts?

Submitted on 2013/03/21 at 7:51 pm

Although I appreciate your attempt to create a positive message about reporting abuse, there is ABSOLUTELY no proof, other than an admitted liars words in a desperate attempt to save her own life, that Jodi Arias saw “him jerking off to pics of lil boys”. Please refrain from using any words of an admitted liars testimony as fact and publish articles as such. Travis was not a sexual predator, and what ever happened to the unwritten tenant of English Common Law, which is one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. There is ABSOLUTELY no proof of these pedophilia acts, therefore, again, please refrain from assuming and publishing anything that Jodi Arias says as fact.

Submitted on 2013/03/21 at 8:05 pm | In reply to Lisa Marie Jolley (@lisamariejolley).

Lisa I will take every opportunity to help victims. Society DOES NOT TALK about helping victims as they should. The attention is given to someone who brings attention to media, it has your attention. What about those kids that are being victims under those same circumstances and NO ONE HELPS? MOST ABUSERS are family, friends, aunts,cousins,uncles, I will stop when ABUSE STOPS. I DONT GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT JODI ARIAS I CARE about helping people and raising awareness. She took someones life, the law will deal with that, IM AMERICAN with freedom of Speech. Thanks for reading. Sending love & peace

Submitted on 2013/03/21 at 8:15 pm

Hi. Again, I appreciate your stance, however, Travis was a friend of mine, so publishing this allegation as a fact is a real shame to him, his legacy, his family and friends. I agree with you, there definitely needs some light placed on the fact that these type of acts need to be reported now, but I would also appreciate it if you would reword your headline so as to not position a false and unproven accusation as fact. That is all I am saying. Lets not only help those that need it, but also, lets participate in the destroying a man’s reputation who is not here to speak for himself.

Submitted on 2013/03/21 at 8:51 pm | In reply to Lisa Marie Jolley (@lisamariejolley).

Lisa Marie, anyone that takes someone life should be punished. My concern, YOU don’t know Lisa, my comment makes reference to her on the witness stand, it’s left up to the jury & judge to decide whats fact and whats not. Most people say exactly what you’re saying about an abuser; They wouldn’t do anything like that, that’s not his/her character. Women/men/partners stay with men all day long, knowing those men are abusing them and their children. Maybe this conversation is new to you, Domestic Violence/Rape/Abuse is serious conversation, women rights, realize not all feel as You do. The jury & judge will decide whats true and what is not. Choose a cause that will represent your friend well.

Always Love, peace & blessings
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