Jodi Arias Your thoughts?

jodi arias


6 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Your thoughts?

  1. Clearly, at least to me, Jodi is the victim in this case. I am only surprised that Travis was only shot once and only cut about 30 times. I believe Travis got off pretty easy in this case. After Jodi caught Travis whacking off to pictures of little boys, everything went downhill fast and I truly and totally believe Travis got what he needed.


    1. JanCorey really glad you have the opportunity to voice your thoughts. MY thought, no one talks a bout this man having a picture of a boy and ejaculating to this pic. If we’re gonna protect kids, we must report the abuse actions, I feel a little differently. I was a victim, I saw my mother being beat for decades, my stepfather abused my sisters and I. The only people that could help, COMMUNITIES….Do you feel that was overkill Jan?


      1. The boy-picture thing was long ago part of the active trial, that’s what started the whole attack by Travis into threatening her life. Sorry you missed that part and sorry you were a victim yourself, the better half of the world have been victims of some sort or another. As far as Jodi not reporting the abuse from Travis, how many times did you call the police to assist your mom and was it every single time? Very unlikely. Still though, keep up the great job your doing here on your blogs; awesome and thank you.


  2. Sorry JanCorey. There is absolutely no evidence to support ANY kind of pedophilia or abuse by the VICTIM. She is a proven liar. A pathological liar who suckers in people like you. I’m sorry you are so gullible and taken in by a manipulator. a liar. Every murderer lies to try and get out of being convicted. She is no different than every other run of the mill murderer.

    Was Arias married to and have children with Travis, so that she “couldn’t” leave her “abuser”? No. Did she live with him as a domestic partner? No. Was dependent on him financially? Did she live hundreds of miles away and did not have to be in his presence? YES. Was she used for sex? Or give him sex, time and again, in hopes he would WANT to have a “relationship” with her? YES. Did the “sex tape” show she was a willing participant in dirty sex talk and although found it “debasing”, “loved it”? YES….I could go on, but I won’t. The only Arias is basing her entire defense on is her “word” and well, her words have proven to be lies. From the get go.


  3. Buildinghope, I am sorry for what you and your family have gone through. And I am sorry that there is someone like Arias who is making a mockery of truly abused women.


    1. LindaNewYork
      Yes it is sad Jodi Arias gets the media attention she gets when it is so many children, women & men who are in abusvie relationships, so many who are victims, my point in this blog is to bring awareness to these kind of acts, they do happen, EVERYDAY, I want ppl to be aware and report abuse. Domestic violence is a little different because its the choice of the victim to become a survivor. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting and thank you for having MORALS. sending love, light & peace


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