Dear Lil Wayne~Choose to live~


Dear Lil Wayne,

I admire your journey in this life. I hope you choose to live life as your young money protegé states, DRAKE “EVERYBODY dies, but not everybody lives”. You have been given much in the eyes of material gain. You have reached a place many desire to be.

I ask, don’t leave this wonderful world like so many great entertainers have JUNKIES.

Be the example for the many followers you have, our children, our grandchildren, the future.

You are so much bigger than a song. Be the example of “taking your demon by the balls” beating that big monkey that wants your soul. Many of us, have fought various demons in life, I have learned “The Law of Forgiveness” loving me stops the fight within. Choose to LIVE, well and love yourself. Join Us.

Mr.Carter, being such a young man and making such unhealthy choices will catch up with you, or life will give you no more choices and take you outta here. Learn to be good to your MIND, body and it will be good to you(Grandma Mattie). I invite you to attend our healing retreat in San Juan Puerto Rico, April 4th -8th, 2013. Inbox me for information. Surround yourself with people who respect LIFE and encourages soulutons of living well.

Michael Jackson was an asset to the world of entertainment with many bad habits. Died a junkie, regardless of how you look at it. Our society has no morals when it comes to validating right or wrong, they choose entertainment over reality. Most of us grew up fueling the wallets of the Jackson’s, (Motown) and many other entertainers, too many leave earth as drug abusers. How dare the Jackson family take Michael Jackson’s death and blame it on someone else. You ALL SAID you had an intervention and it didn’t make a difference. Taking responsibility is what save lives and makes the difference.

Revive, Restore, Rejuvenate your LIFE young man, you are worth more dead to most with investments in you, than you are alive. Your fans, want to grow old with your knowledge, experience and words that change lives.

Sending love, hugs, peace & blessings your way. teresabuildshope@gmail.com


Solutions for the Soul


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