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What clothing does the Pope Wear?

Pope Successors

PopeJocks, mens bikini cut with a cup or Marilyn Monroe Intimates for men would be fabulous undergarments made of 100% cotton would make anyone smile like Marilyn Monroe.

Ordinary Dress

This the pope’s uniform during his normal day-to-day activities. His skullcap is called a zuchetto; only popes wear white zuchettos, while cardinals wear red, bishops wear purple and priests wear black. He wears a white mozetta (a short, hooded cape), a gold pectoral cross and red papal shoes.

Choir Dress

When the pope attends a religious ceremony but is not the celebrant, he wears choir dress. This includes a red mozetta and a red-and-gold embroidered fascia, or stole, with fringes.


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