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Orgasims & Women


Conversation regarding sex, our female bodies, menopause, god knows orgasm discussion would get you put out the family. The logic for a lot of women, we teach ourselves how important a orgasim is. The scary part of exploring our bodies, to have body parts that are for OUR enjoyment becoming overlooked in society. Overlooked by us women. When I feel in love with myself, dealing with past issues, abuse, confrontation and healing. It put me in such a great place of self~love, the appreciation feeling mentally good about making love to my husband and accepting the energy of love he unconditionally gives me. Sexual Suicide; being focused on our mates needs, rather than our own satisfaction. Unconditionally to a large number of women sex is about our mate and not oneself. I think about my 122 year old grandma, her husband died at age 56, they birthed 18 children prior to his death. She never remarried, but always had a good sweet poppa as she would say.

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When I was a victim of sexual abuse and rape, I remember being numbed to any emotions or feelings. Blocking out most, I remember as I got older having feelings inside after being abused, but never understanding what it was or why it happened. The sexual sensation, i remember experiencing had a mental place in my brain, this feeling inside my body was wrong, it was wrong for my body to release energy that felt like a sensation, it was wrong. Mentally it contributes to degrading yourself, having a orgasim while being raped you fight like hell not to allow your body to release that type of energy. When you become a victim of sexual rape at 5 years of age and it continues on, for years, it becomes a way of living. The fight to obtain your voice is only a small portion, the bigger picture is to be able to forgive yourself, and allow yourself to move forward with a healthy you, which creates a healthy relationship.

Definition of orgasm (n) · Bing Dictionary

[ áwr gàzzəm ]

1.sexual climax: the climax of sexual excitement, consisting of intense muscle tightening around the genital area experienced as a pleasurable wave of tingling sensations through parts of the body
2.experience orgasm: to experience sexual orgasm

Here comes the Orgasm!

You’ll know when you have one. There’s a very powerful build-up indeed of erotic arousal; it peaks for a split second in a climax; you seem to cross a threshold and you just explode into intensely pleasurable release. For a few seconds at least you feel as if you’re in a different world.
When you do it will be the best feeling that you have ever felt, and you will want more and more and more.

How the Brain Organizes
Sexual Behavior

Silvia Helena Cardoso, PhD wrote the following on her blog;

Sexual behavior, arousal, and motivation occur only in special environmental situations which provide particular types of sensory stimulation. No amount of stimulation will arouse sexual motivation and behavior unless the organism is physically ready to mate. This physiological readiness to respond selectively to sexual stimuli is provided by hormonal changes which affect neural as non-neural mechanisms throughout the body.

Mating, like feeding, takes place under a combination of nervous and hormonal control. Much of this control is mediated by parts of the nervous system within the “visceral brain”, which is phylogenetically the oldest part of the human brain. It is comprised by a group of structures located in the inferior part of the forebrain and around it, called the hypothalamus, the hypophysis and the limbic system as well as the mesencephalon (the midbrain).

Despite the fact that sexual behavior in humans is controlled and driven by one of the most primitive parts of our brain, at the same time it is strongly influenced and modulated by learned experience, as well as by the social, ethnic and cultural environment; making it a unique blend of the physiological and the psychological spheres. In addition, what is considered “normal” and “abnormal” in human sexual behavior is highly variable across cultures and times; and, as such, it has changed considerably in the Western societies in the last, permissive decades.

Healing brings about complete sexual pleasure, if you allow yourself.

Solutions for the Soul


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