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Jodi Arias~devils child or psycho?

jodi arias

Anyones son could bring home a Jodi Arias

Sex is the conversation because Jodi, sexed the crap outta of Travis Alexander. She controlled the relationship with sex. Jodi said Travis Alexander liked little boys,and she felt she could change his sexual desires. Definition of pedophile (n) · Bing Dictionary
[ péddə fl ] with sexual desire for children: an adult who has sexual desire for children or who has committed the crime of sex with a child

So many women/men find evidence of partner/spouse abusing children, beating children, abuse, rape and do nothing. Yes, it’s common.

It’s not uncommon for women to feel as thought they are saviors to partners, boyfriends, spouses to many times we hear I will make him change after we get married. Now you know what the definition of change in a relationship is, you don’t do what I want, how I want, when I want, I stab you 29 times. We all know Jodi will be charged with murder. Whats your opinion of Jodi Arias


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