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Communities will help combat Child Abuse

Communities YOU are the difference




1.A group of people living together in one place, esp. one practicing common ownership: “a community of nuns”.
2.All the people living in a particular area or place: “local communities”.

society – commune – public

People in a community are the people who will suspect child abuse. You communities are the ones that will look beyond what someone tells you. You will be the one to ask a kid or adult if they are in need of help. When someone states they are victims of abuse, please believe them. You are the one person that can provide help. Remember, most victims of child abuse are abused by family, mothers,brothers,fathers,cousins people who are known and close to the child victims. When a kid is a victim, they will be withdrawn, they will be insecure, they will have doubt. They will fear leaving their family’s home, the only options, if you know family members that can keep them safe, contact them for help. Call 211 for HELP or Child Protective Services. My concern with CPS, taking a child out of his/her home and putting them into foster care, an already over burden system. We need alternatives to helping families get counseling, therapy and maintain a support system for some cases of abuse. The law requires, doctors, nurses, teachers, early childhood education staff to report abuse. Laws need to change in this country to combat abuse.

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