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Chavez & Castro


Fidel Castro and Chavez bonded like father and son over the past decade, South Florida’s Cuban and Venezuelan expatriate communities bonded like siblings, stewing in resentment over autocratic leaders they perceived as ruining their homelands.

There are more Cubans (900,000) in South Florida than Venezuelans (about 70,000). This week’s events provided a miniature preview of what we can expect when Fidel dies. Some marked Chavez’s passing with music, cheers and drinks — not so much a celebration of death (they say) as a hope for better days ahead.

Cuba being on top of its game with medicine, the frequent trips Chavez made to the country would definitely be to add months, days on to life. I would think, it was also a money run for the Castro’s. Chavez told Castro he needed to rethink his nest egg. Take all your money out of Venezuela and relocate it. When I make my transition you will see how the United States treats my country and her people. You will also see how my people feel about its leader. CHANGE is here and in the best interest of the world.

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