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50 & Back in College

75630_331918526903368_54922428_nbabyboomer ON FIRE!

This is the best age to have the choice of a second career, you understand your own needs. You understand what a cause is and the effects of others action in your life. This time you say, “NEXT 50 years will be the best energy to the world” We are so much more smarter than those younger college students. Money is not the primary focus, nor the fact we have 2 other boys in college. The great run for our family, when everyone has completed the college credits and obtain the degrees they are in pursuit of, we will shift into paying loans back for all this education. We will begin by working with the loan forgiveness programs in our state. Dedicate a few years and help reduce the loan amounts while building experience. The cost is/was well worth a great future for many to come.

SOULutions for LIFE.



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