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POPE’s Purpose

Pope Successors

Purpose of a POPE?

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker
Pascal Baylon

1) His purpose is to guide and direct the Catholic Church, to be the final voice in doctrinal arguments and lead us all to the Beatific Vision.

2) The Vatican is the name of the City-State where the Pope lives. It is the world’s smallest independent country.

3) He is important to the Catholics of the world, as he is our leader and shepherd.

4) The Pope has no jurisdiction in any country outside of Vatican City or the homes of Catholics, and even there he cannot require a Catholic to do something illegal.

Good-Bye Pope Benedict XVl, Live Well

Benefits of having a new Pope:

Hopefully, he will have “Baby Boomer Wisdom ” & NO ABUSE ALLEGATIONS.

Soulutions to you.


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