Lateresa A. Jones

unionmissy elliot

It concerns me a great deal, i hear stories of abuse from Professional actors, rappers but I don’t see YOUR FACES in any of the large campaigns that help us bring awareness to RAPE, ABUSE or INCEST.  I advocate and stand with RAINN because they can help victims all over the world.  They also have other resources they can refer victims to.  BLACK culture, has mentally crippled our women with thoughts like, strength is keeping family secrets of domestic violence, rape, abuse and incest.  Hispanic women have fallen pray to the same fate of miseducation. GOD HELP NATIVE AMERICAN WOMEN, STAND UP! How many black faces, Native Americans,Hispanics do we see in Rape campaigns?  In order for this movement to be effective in this country, we need more “CELEBRITIES” to be more vocal regarding their abuses.  99%er’s follow people they admire.You are those people, they follow, unfortunately the children follow…

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