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The Real Truth “Who is your babes daddy”


Babe; An infant. Baby  

Daddy; A father

This is where it starts.  The beginning of every life you participate in.

Taking responsibility, when women make the decision to concieve a baby, the most important thing, this is a LIFE.  It has feelings, emotions and will need a balance in it’s every breath of life.  You unfairly concieve a child and lie to us, who our fathers are.  You made several life changing decisions that effected their direction in life.  How selfish of you to not KNOW who my “daddy is” your a hoe momma, sometimes their is always that 1 mtfkr that beats and takes the vagina, momma, tell me the truth.  I will love you.  Their are those who let you know who your daddy is, everytime “daddy comes to see me” you get jealous, and steal our time with petty arguments, actions that take away from “my time getting to know my daddy”. Mommy, I as a kid don’t understand why you hate to look at me, I remind you of the person that hurt you.  Mommy you shouldn’t beat me, because grandma beat you.  You shouldn’t allow those people to touch my body and do such bad things that hurt me momma.Momma, I ain’t stupid. Momma, stop living through me. This is my life, it belongs to ME. I have mine, and you have yours.  
Many have never been taught about Self~Love, nor how to choose a mate.  We have to love who we are, who we want to become and work towards that.  Correct habits that YOU KNOW ARE WRONG, break cycles, counseling is awesome.  Greatest gesture of LOVE.  The past is over, live well in today, the NOW! Tell your children who they rightfully belong to.   That begins the process of healing. TALK out loud about it.  Conversate and respect others.  CHANGE IS HERE.   When we have made the decision to get pregnant , we are in agreement to equally participate in the entire development of this child.  Think about the genetic make-up and the rights the child is born with. 

The possibility exsist, Kasandra Perkins was the abuser in her relationship. This young man, begged her to leave, he would leave and she kept the house, NO that’s not what she wanted. SHe wanted it all.


Sending love to heal our nation.

United Way
Dr. V. Montgomery


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