Happy Birthday World Oldest Woman

bdcakemattie mathews 001

Mattie R. Mathews February 1, 1888 ~ December 10, 2010 HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Born Mattie Ruth Brittmon in Holly Springs, Mississippi. Mattie married when she was between 12-14 years of age. She married a darkie
Eddie James Mathews. They resided in Mississippi before settling in German Town,Tennessee. Home of the “Slave Auction Block”. Mattie & Eddie lived on the family land, until Eddie purchased his own land. They began birthing children, immediately after marriage. Mattie birthed 18 children; majority birthed at home and all breastfeed. Mattie & Eddie were very active in the civil rights movement. Eddie felt integration was not good for the colored folk; He felt the focus would be taken off education. Eddie had a massive heart attack and died at age 58. Mattie and her adult children relocated the families to Detroit, Michigan. One of the 100th birthdays in Detroit, Michigan a News reporter interviewed; Mattie, he asked her what do you like to do? Mattie said “I like to Fight”. The family waited to see the interview on TV, it never aired. When your this old in life, the only thing you have done most of your life is “fight”, Oprah said it best in the Color Purple, ” I have had to fight all my LIFE”.

In her lifetime; Mattie was able to see & feel 120 years of history, to list only a few…

Women’s Rights Movement in the U.S.
Timeline of Key Events in the American Women’s Rights Movement
by Ann-Marie Imbornoni
Read more: Women’s Rights Movement in the U.S.: Timeline of Events (1848-1920) — Infoplease.com http://www.infoplease.com/spot/womenstimeline1.html#ixzz2JhOIFnMO

World War 1
World War 2
The Holocaust
The Atomic bomb
The Cold War
Sept 11 2001
1st Black president Obama
JFK Assassination
King Assassination
1929 Great Depression
Cuban Missile Crisis
Bay of Pigs Invasion
Natural Disasters like Katrina
and many more…

Mattie loved to eat baked sweet potatoes, black-eyed peas, coconut cake, quilting, dressing well. Mattie never remarried but always had good companion close by. She drank a little wine now and a little Hennessy then; Coffee until the end. Her favorite coffee, Maxwell House. Her last beverage was a cup of Maxwell House Coffee. Mattie made her transition in Farmington Hills, Michigan of natural causes. Mattie is what you called “healthy as an ox”, she never took medicines. She would say ” You be good to your body, your body will be good to you”. Mattie had a hollywood style going away. Mattie had funeral services in Detroit, Michigan and then was flown to Memphis, Tennessee to her final good-bye service and resting place. She was laid to rest in the family cemetery next to Eddie her 1 and only husband. One of Mattie’s living children jokes “Momma lived on her grand children’s time.

February is official ” Black History Month”, this is my historian, mentor, teacher, disciplinary my Black History Leader.

Happy Birthday GrandMA

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