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Rummage Around Goodwill

If you don’t have 1 of these specialty shops in your neighborhood, your not Living.
When you shop at Goodwill®, you are supporting job training and placement programs for people with disabilities and other disadvantages.
Your donation of used goods can make a difference for people in your community, and help make a healthier planet as well. The Donate Movement, powered by Goodwill is the Goodwill’s online auction site offering a wide array of antiques, collectibles, books and much more–culled from Goodwill’s vast inventory . The stores are brighter, cleaner and more organized for customer shopping and services.

America we are buying what we use. A fantastic change in life style spending. Looks like a greener planet. I love Goodwill, you can find specialty items, Something different, something rare, that adds a wonderful flavor to your lifestyle. Prices are good. Gotta love purchasing what you need from recycled furniture, nick knacks and clothes, shoes, purses, computers. Goodwill has a section called Julia’s attic . These items are priced a little higher ($goes to great causes)due to the quality of the product. They are labeled with purple stickers.

Rummage Around ~ JUNIOR LEAGUE RUMMAGE SALE Saturday, Feb.23rd 2013/ 210.924.8581

Stop by shop, wait patiently in line, chat.

Investing in your local thrift store helps the community, small business thrive, Keep people working and a greener earth.

Grandma Mattie also loved to shop at the goodie or GQ.



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