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The Real Truth Jimmy Salvie wins the NCW 2012

2012 Nigger~Cracker~Wetback Award
Proudly, Jimmy Salvie was awarded the Nigger~Cracker~Wetback Award
Society calls them sexual offenders, they are rapist, they take the most personal thing from a person. Morally, they violate us. The saddest thing, society and how it deals with sexual abuse,rape, and incest. Most importantly, the long term effects on the victims (ask Adam Lanza).
Alastair Jamieson, NBC News wrote:LONDON — Former BBC star Jimmy Savile was one of Britain’s “most prolific” sex offenders, committing at least 214 sex crimes against victims aged as young as 8, police said Friday.

Investigators released a report cataloging more than 50 years of rapes and indecent assaults. It accused the late television and radio host of using his celebrity status to gain access to vulnerable children in hospitals, nightclubs and even a hospice for the terminally ill.

“It is now clear that Savile was hiding in plain sight and using his celebrity status and fundraising activity to gain uncontrolled access to vulnerable people across six decades,” the police-led report said. “For a variety of reasons the vast majority of his victims did not feel they could speak out and it’s apparent that some of the small number who did had their accounts dismissed by those in authority including parents and carers.”Savile, who raised an estimated $55 million for charity, achieved fame on BBC shows including “Top of the Pops” and “Jim’ll Fix It.” In 1990, he was given a knighthood by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and received a Papal Knighthood at the Vatican.

For 20 years, Jimmy Savile’s children’s show was a highlight of Saturday night family TV on the BBC. But now, British police say 300 people have come forward with claims that Savile abused them during his 60-year broadcasting career. NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

The offences span 28 police forces across the U.K. and the scale of his abuse is so vast that the report included a map and an index of the alleged locations.

The number of people Savile victimized “simply beggars belief,” Peter Watt, co-author of the report [PDF link] and director of children’s charity NSPCC told ITV News.

“He is without doubt one of the most prolific sex offenders we have ever come across and every number represents a victim that will never get justice now he is dead. But with this report we can at least show his victims that they have been taken seriously and their suffering has been recognized.”
The report concluded:

“The details provided by the victims of his abuse paint the picture of a mainly opportunistic individual who used his celebrity status as a powerful tool to coerce or control them, preying on the vulnerable or star-struck for his sexual gratification. Sadly, this type of behavior is not uncommon in any society – sexual abuse, whether in street gangs, though trafficking or within families and institutions, often involves the use of powerful coercion, intimidation and manipulation to exploit the vulnerable.”
Britan Congradulations, you have taking the step of coming out of denial regarding child abuse. You have stated parents, police and workers ignored what the kids where telling them,they were being abused. How easy it is to turn the other cheek, even when it’s a child. When you have been a victim you can sense an abuser. *****BBC

Sending love, light & peace
http://www.RAINN.ORG if your being abused and need help

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