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Nigga~Cracker~Wetback 2012 Awards

3688_291912817590235_1587530605_nsandusky_web_0003_20121009_s300x200photo_1351175047619-1-0collagenancy-lanzamattie mathews 001 2012~NCW Award goes to Rapist, Abusers;
1.) Nancy Lanza (?)Sexually, mentally, physically abused Adam Lanza (previous blogs supports my opinion).
2.) Jimmy Savile ;some may label him as a freak, he is Jack the Ripper of Abusers. All those children he raped; boys & girls.
3.) Kassandra Perkins; Domestic violence abuser; addicted to lifestyle, taunted Jovan, verbally abusive to Jovan, even to the point of physical abuse,hitting him, embarrassing him in front of friends, publicly humiliating him as domestic violence abusers do, your just a woman abuser to this man. He begged you to let him leave, he told you keep the house, he would pay for the baby. NOPE, you wanted it all. Threw things at him, belittled him, called him names, pushed him to the point of NO RETURN. You dared him on many occasions. So saddened the young man decided POINT OF NO RETURN.
4.)Tied in 4th place Dottie & Jerry Sandusky the Charles Manson & Patti Hurst of sexual abusers and accomplice.

There are 3 hero’s in this group,

1. Mattie Ruth Britmon Mathews. Born 2/1/1888- 12/05/2010. Died at the great age of 122. Mrs.Mathews validated the presidents ethnicity;prior to her death, she witnessed the first Black President, Barack Obama. As quoted in America We Are Guilty, author Lucy Mae’s conversation with Mrs. Mathews asked, “What the Nigga doing in the Whitehouse?” Well for now Mrs. Mathews the nigga is still in the Whitehouse. The second question asked to Mrs. Mathews what do you like to do?”FIGHT” she replied. Still fighting for her rights. Mrs. R. Mathews the Oldest Person in the United States. ( verfies Mrs.Mathews in 1900 US census as 12 years old )
2. Keiosha Felix missing from Lafayette, Louisiana 4/2012; this case was strange from the beginning, it introduced us to the abduction of youths who are kidnapped and sold into prostitution;Keiosha was abused by her family and the foster care system allowed her to go repeatedly to her family’s house on weekend passes. Keiosha displayed several times she didn’t want to go. The state forced her to go into the homes of her abuser, now, she’s missing. Keep your eye out for Keiosha and any child who says they are in danger. Who would a thought, the I10 was the direct traveling route of rapist & kidnappers. Keiosha here’s love, an abundance of blessings, you find your way back home. Someone their will be patiently awaiting your arrival.
3. Javon Belcher, thank you for being a father, a son, an uncle, an athlete. Sending an abundance of love to your daughter. Sending hope of protection for her and the family responsible for raising her. Thank-you for allowing us to look into your life, I apologize to you, my first thought; domestic violence, YOU WERE THE VICTIM, and your own enemy.

CHANGE is happening RIGHT NOW!
Love yourself more, hug often, if you think somethings wrong; somethings wrong. Help someone anyway you can. Suspect someone being abused, offer your assistance , keep it safe. Sometimes helping others can be a phone call away. Donate $$Money to your cause. Most importantly if you have been a victim of Rape, Abuse, Incest contact, or 1.800.656.HOPE,wanna join the cause 0r United Way, they can help.

Love, Light & peace


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