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Meditation & Yoga on the Beach San Juan, Puerto Rico April Child Abuse Prevention Month

Meditation & Yoga on the Beach San Juan, Puerto Rico

Kicking off the month of APRIL, Child Abuse Prevention month “Survivors Healing. Come and cry, share, heal the wounds of abuse safely & together. Listen to stories of abuse, rape, incest, domestic violence, same sex relationships, abuse is abuse. Yes you can heal, come be inspired to continue to take your voice back. The journey called life, revive, rejuvenate, elevate. Once we get to the place, we love ourselves, appreciate who we are and the most painful, forgive those that abused us. Baby steps to walking to running, the process of healing. Bring friends, family anyone who understands or need to understand the effects of abuse. Mental illness is a part of abuse, society needs to understand the effects. See you on the beaches of San Juan Puerto Rico, taking our voices back.

Always love, light & peace


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