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Adam Lanza’s ~ Death Penalty

adam Lanza

Adam Lanza’s body has been claimed for burial after an anonymous person stepped forward to bury the 20-year-old who two weeks ago killed 26 people in a shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Adam how unfair it is society does not look at the signs in front of them. It’s ok no one wants your body. Society feels you’re a piece of shit.

There are not many details about who claimed Lanza’s body or where his burial site will be. His father, Peter Lanza, had not been in contact with his son much in the past two years, and State Medical Examiner Wayne H. Carver II would not comment on whether it was Peter or someone representing him who claimed Adam Lanza’s body. Your dad is doing something for you, he is buring you. He will keep your remains safe, he will finally protect you. He has not done a great job over the course of your life. He has been required to financially take care of you. Now your mom isn’t here, he has to put your body to rest. Will it haunt him?Society will haunt him, they will make him feel ashamed for giving birth to you. You know you look exactly like your dad. His mental stability will be questioned over the span of his life. You know Adam he was never proud of you. He favored your brother. They are really pissed at you for living them in the state of self`destruction. You have gained the ultimate revenge; he knew your mother was abusive to you. He didn’t give a rats ass.

A medical examiner had ruled Lanza’s death a suicide, though results of a toxicology test are still pending before the case can be finalized, the Hartford Courant noted. Geneticists from the University of Connecticut are also studying Lanza’s DNA to look for mutations or abnormalities that could provide insight on why he opened fire on the school full of children after killing his mother. Adam, you knew how horrible society is. You knew they never wanted to deal with the truth of abuse. They are taking your blood to study the genetic make~up. Now your father will be questioned, you had 23 chromosomes of your mother and 23 of your fathers. Will they really tell the truth, and say who , what , where and when. Of course not. Adam, your genes will not tell of the abuse your mother committed upon you. Americans, like to commit white-collar crimes and only prosecute those that look good. Those that don’t get caught. You see Adam, your life did get attention, but the cause will never be discussed. Society would prefer to talk about you being mentally insane. When the reality is, they don’t understand you were never crazy, your mother sexually abused you, since you could remember.

Authorities have searched desperately to find a motive for Adam Lanza’s shooting. Police say he left behind no writings or journal, and investigators were frustrated to find that before embarking on the rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Lanza destroyed his home computer. Though computer forensic experts are trying to restore his hard drive, they say they may never know if he left information about a motive for the shooting. Adam if something could had been done, to prevent the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. People could have paid attention to the signs. Your teachers, counselors all knew something was wrong, not with you but in the home you lived in. Your family had a label of wealthy in America. The counselors, teachers & friends were afraid to speak out against the injustice your mother committed upon you. She raped you, over and over again. America is guilty. This very tragedy should be the disclaimer for you America to stop turning the other cheek to the horrible abuses taking place in this country. Do you expect people to continue to be sexually abused, physically abused, mentally abused and you have no consequences?

Nancy Lanza’s body was already claimed by a funeral home in her native New Hampshire and she was buried in a private ceremony, the New York Times noted. You didn’t care about Nancy’s body either. You used her fascination for guns to exploit your own self desires of gun control. Guns were not Nancy’s crimes, child abuse and exploitation was her crime. Neglect was her crime. Sit back America, your patiently awaiting the next explosion of self-destruction you have allowed. Your secrets are no longer secrets, when everyone knows them.

Read more at if your being abused or need counseling; you the victim must take Adam Lanza as the example; when you don’t treat abuse, it does become mental illness.
love,light,peace & blessings Teresa

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