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The real Truth behind Adam & Nancy Lanza

nancy-lanzaadam Lanza
Adam you did such a horrific thing. I know you where very angry with your mother, we understand that. You shoot her in the face 4 times, displaying an unleashed anger. Most Incest victims cut themselves, commit suicide, but you; you leashed out with great anger, tired of people protecting your abuser. Saying how wonderful she was. The Truth; she has been abusing you most of your life. I wish you had left a physical letter, maybe you did, and we will know the real truth in the future. You see, they label you with mental illness.As you know, people like to put pretty labels on the boogey mans/woman face. Most of our abusers have been our mothers, fathers,relatives, people we know. Matt Apuzzo & Adam Geller of the AP wrote some interesting information from your parents divorce. They said “When your parents divorced, we are now told, it was all about YOU. During their meetings, the couple mentioned that Adam Lanza had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, an autism-like disorder, Levy said. But the Lanzas were in complete agreement on how to address Adam’s needs and said little about the details of his condition, Levy said. Nancy & Peter, it wasn’t a distressful situation at the time of the divorce. There is nothing in the divorce court file that discusses the relationship’s underlying problems. The file simply says the marriage “has broken down irretrievably and there is no possibility of getting back together.””They worked together about it,” Levy said. “The mom, Nancy, pretty much said she was going to take care of him (Adam) and be there as much as he needed her, even long-term.”When Lanza’s parents divorced in 2009, the settlement left his mother with a comfortable income and the comfort of knowing that the then-17-year-old boy would have his education paid for and his medical insurance covered.
While she would not disclose details of their discussions, Levy wanted to make clear that the Lanzas were loving parents who wanted the best for their son.
“These people are soft-spoken, gentle, both of them saying, `What can we do to help him?'” Levy said.If there was bitterness and anger between Nancy and Peter Lanza, it is not described in court papers. And there was no mention of any lingering mental health or medical issues for Adam Lanza, nothing that could even hint at the horror he would unleash three years later. Well Adam, let’s see how long it takes for society to face the truth. I say, when under age children are involved in a divorce, medical coverage, college expense & living conditions are always top priority. Nothing out the normal. They say you had:
Asperger syndrome is a developmental disorder that is related to autism. Children with Asperger syndrome usually have trouble socially, engage in repetitive behaviors, and have severely limited interests. Asperger syndrome is typically less severe than autism in that children with Asperger syndrome usually are not delayed in their language or cognitive development
Read more: How to Identify Asperger Syndrome |
Peter it is not uncommon for a narcissistic person to walk away from an abusive relationship. Nor is it uncommon for people like you to leave behind an abused child, and let the abuser care for him. Peter would you tell us, the real truth, will you tell us if Adam came to you and said his mom was abusing him?Narcissistic men are not capable of accepting responsibility for failure and will attempt to place blame on others. They will display arrogant and manipulative behaviors hidden behind the facade of being concerned or helpful.
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We have chosen over the last decades to ignore the tears of help. Many psychologist believe that learned behavior, mental health, disorders such as sociopathic or psychopathic. Anger and narcissistic personalities and Denial is a powerful and primitive defense mechanism. Someone who is dependent, frightened and themselves the victim of abuse, can remain silent and not even see or hear the abuse in order to maintain the desperately needed relationship with the abuser. In a way, it is a variation of the old saying, “Hear no evil, see no evil.” To many times in society we want to take the easy way out. STOP dismissing the fact; mental illness is when an area of the mind stops developing, Rape, Abuse & Incest can cause mental illness. View current stats at, they have the best current statistics of mothers that abuse, people who are abusers and victims. Due to YOU society, always closing your eyes, pointing the finger at everything,except the truth. You gonna learn today. Until you open your eyes and realize, friends, neighbors and family could have helped Adam, if they choose to deal with Nancy’s dirty secrets. Oh yeah, still hadn’t heard who else was Nancy’s partner?besides Adam. You had to have all those boys in PENN State be victims before you looked at the truth. You allowed the Boy Scouts of America to abuse all those boys, you allowed the Catholic Church and it’s priest to abuse our boys, now , just what if: Nancy was abusing her son? Its so unfair to leave a stone unturned. The sheriff’s department is to validate a crime took place, validate what happened. Choose to look at any option that could lead to the truth.
Always love Teresa (Speaking out on abuse, Making you hear US!)


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