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The TRUTH behind “Sandy Hook Elementary” Shootings

Nancy-lanzaMother was perfect in the sight of many. She was fun, educated, even provided for us after the divorce with Dad. When Dad left I knew, the abuse from her would change. It became more intense. She drank more, heat me more, raped me more. As her loneliness increased the beatings got worst, she forced me to perform sexual fantasies on her anyway she wanted, as long as I pleased her in the bedroom and gave her the ultimate orgasm. She became my sexual partner. Chasing away anyone that loved me. I cried out on many occasions, remembering when dad left. I begged him not to leave me, I cried, screamed, he didn’t look back. He walked out the door. My life would never be the same, I wouldn’t ever be the same mentally. I put energy into school work, always thinking this would impress her, my mother. It was never good enough for her. I could never be worthy in her eyes. She called me names, beat me and then would have sex with me. My brother, she cherished the ground he walked on, he could never do any wrong. When Dad walked out the door, who would help me?If my father wouldn’t help me, who would?The abuse went on for years, beatings, her raping me, the pain , mentally tormented me. How long could I live like this?When we go to family gatherings, they look at me out the sides of their eyes. She sits and talks with her friends, saying horrible lies about me. I laugh with my family to please her, I know when I get home, if she is angry, she will beat me. Since she has been drinking, I know she will rape me. She uses me as a toy, she beats me constantly, she spits on me, she puts me down. No fucking body cares. Nancy Lanza the perfect image of a Narcissistic person. We as victims and survivors know very well who the abusers are, 80% relatives and we know the many faces abusers put on; Food for thought; If this young man was one of US, abused by his mother, no one would ever believe him or help him. Abusers cover their foot steps carefully, they walk and live amongst the best, of the best. No one ever stood up to protect him, they turned the other cheek as many family members do. Someone knew what was going on. Adam shot her (his abuser?/mother) in the face, went to the place where she displayed love and received love. He hurt the people his mother 1. Used verbally against him, as being better than he was 2. Maybe he thought he was saving those children from a similar fate as him?3. Did he think they already been “damaged” and death was kinder than years of torment? He sent an awakening message of I AM TIRED OF SCREAMING FOR HELP! Not validating what he did, but we (victims, male & female) know how it feels to have that anger inside, no therapy, no help from people that say they love you,feeling ashamed, dirty, wicked, evil, feeling as if we made the people that should love us the most, hate us. In the eyes of a victim, if the mother continues to call him crazy, a liar ,it puts his abuse level at 10. No where to turn, no other way out. Families are the ones who will help save most victims. When your intuition tells you, somethings not right, something is definitely not right. Beautiful homes, great life styles does not constitute a healthy family situation. Society has neglected abuse victims(shamed so many, that they choose not to talk about it, they still live in darkness because of myths) and overlooked abusers (most of YOU in the closet functioning abusers), dealing with it, face to face. Especially boys that have been abused by their mothers. Boys/Men have been ignored. It’s time society;reality, people that abuse are usually abused or taught to abuse. Their is always a core issue. Disgrace and shame;police maybe bias;afraid not to be believed;social alienation;a few reasons victims don’t report the rape or abuse. This year alone, society has had to face their cover ups, Boy Scouts of America, Penn State, the Catholic Church. The Boys Reform School,another example, 49 graves being dug up. The school wasn’t closed due to abuse allegations, it was closed due to shortage of funding. America, open your eyes! Too many kids reaching out for help, to many abusers allowed to abuse, and when they loose complete control as Adam Lanza did,his life of abuse, so cruel, so tormenting, he couldn’t take anymore, he sent a chilling message to society. We hear you Adam, loud and clear; you left us grieving, wondering why, what can we do, so this will not happen anymore. The president, congress or house needs to change, laws and bills to help victims of abuse, this is serious. The consequences of not dealing with those issues, are alarming. Adam invited the world into his families house, he wanted you there. So sad,laws must change, to help victims, all victims, without discriminating. We are 42 million strong adult child abuse survivors. Victims of sexual assault are: 3 times more likely to suffer from depression ~ 6 times more likely to suffer from ptsd ~13 times more likely to abuse alcohol~26 times more likely to abuse drugs~4 times more likely to contemplate suicide. To many signs that point to abuse in this case. We need to increase public awareness of the mental health effects of sexual assault on victims, recovery resources that RAINN provides and other organizations can help. Start with dispelling common myths about sexual assault, sexual assault is a crime. Maybe the crime began with Nancy Lanza and ended with Adam Lanza. Always Love Teresa Rape Abuse Incest National Network~Public Speaker 1800.656.HOPE


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