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Connecticut Shooting~GUN CONTROL- BULLSHIT!

We look and listen to the media, dictating to us how and why someone commits such a violent act against, not only children but anyone. Of course, we are all sadden due to this fierce tragedy. How dare you MEDIA take this and make it a gun control issue. The issue is; the mental state of the shooter. A twenty year old, regardless of how he did what he did, he did it. Shoot people, murder people, took lives; what triggered this young man to go on a shooting rampage? The devastation mentally; are the victims students, their ages of the victims and the location being school. The action itself, is one of self-destruction and obviously the shooter wanted to scream out loud to the world and release the anger within himself. Deal with how you can help or make a difference in these type of situations, that’s to reach out to people, offer help, suggest help, take responsibility for being your brothers keeper. Deal with MENTAL ILLNESS, Don’t dare say, let’s take away your rights to bear arms is the solution. I put my foot down and say HELL NO. When someone wants to obtain a gun, they can. The criminals get what they want, unregistered firearms. Abuse, mental illness

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