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Abuse Feels Good:)

lozadoWe are responsibile for our LIVES. Your life is like driving a car, if you follow the rules on the road you are less likely to get hurt, or hurt anyone else when you follow the rules. When you CHOOSE to drive in the middle of the lane, accidents ahead. You will run into someone’s car, you will hurt someone else or yourself. Your being abused you stay in the relationship, you have made the choice to drive on the yellow line. Does not matter what direction your headed, your still driving in the middle of the road.

You see photos of two women who have choosen to drive their cars.

As the driver, you have control of the vehicle. At that very moment you also have control over all the people in the car. Any choices you make while driving the car has a consequence. At that very moment in YOUR LIFE, you have the power. The same power you have while driving the car, is the same power you have within you.thCA345HAA
Photo 1: Evelyn Lozado. Evelyn, was not my favorite actress, but I admire her for following the rules of survival. Her exhusband shortly into the relationship head-butted her, she immediately left the house, went to a neighbors house called the police and made the choice, to live well.
Photo 2: Tina Turner. The world loves Tina for the awesome music she has provided over the years. Tina had been a passenger in Ikes car for many years. Ike, controlled the destination of everyone in the car. When Tina finally decided to get in the car and drive herself; she made a CHOICE, to live well and control the destination of her car.

Always love Teresa


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