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Michigan woman dies at 122 yrs old

mattie mathews 001
122 year old Michigan Woman

Mattie Mathews made her transition December 5, 2010. Michigan Resident Ms Mattie Ruth Mathews passed at age 122. For years our family estimated her age to be about 110, partly due to her remaining the age 76 for at least 4 birthday celebrations. That was until my cousin Tyrone found two US Census reports that revealed she was actually born in 1888 making her 122 years old. I researched further, contacting the Mississippi Archives they confirmed, had the most accurate records. also validated our grandmothers age and birth year. The Guinness Book of World Records stated they do not accept Census reports to validate information. Grandma was three months older than the person currently listed as the oldest person. Our grandmother was born a slave in this country. As times have changed, she saw many things, lived thru much history and deserves the acknowledgement of being the oldest person. Had she lived she would have turned 123 years old on Feb. 1st.

Grandma this is for YOU. always love

2 thoughts on “Michigan woman dies at 122 yrs old

  1. For 122 years old nearly 123 she looked great! 🙂 I had a great, great grandmother who lived to be 104. She was born in 1885. She was also a full Cherokee indian. I met her twice. Once when I was just a baby, of course I don’t remember it, and the second time for her 100th birthday party when I was about 7 years old. Great article!


    1. Brandy,
      Thanks so much for reading the article. When we have genes from such strong women, it gives us awesomeness to look forward to. I had a great relationship with my grandmother. My family called me MS.Mattie’s baby. She would always say “Im gonna live until 120 years old, I would look at here and say “grandma”. I learned the lesson in life of ask, believe & recieve. We can will what we desire. So many great memories. Cherish those you do have of your grandmother and get your hands on any pictures family members may have of her.

      always love


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