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Jovan Belcher & Kasandra Perkins & Zoey

collageIt is so amazing to me, when i read stories that say, a happy family that just started as a family, and now what a tragedy .  It sadly reminds me that society still doesn’t want to deal with mental illness or abuse.  Abused people men or women are the best actors around, they know how to smile for the cameras, they know how to cry on the inside and not let anyone  see the PAIN they are in.  I look at the young man,just think at the young age  and the type of emotional stress he could be in. As a survivor of abuse,lessons I have learned, usually abusers learn to abuse from parents by living in the household of a parent being abused and mentally thinking the actions of how to control your mate involves, hitting, cussing, degrading words. Was this young man a victim of an abusive upbringing?  Of course we realize it was a lot more going on in that household for the young man to take such an extreme action of killing himself and taking someone else’s life.  Just assuming, maybe she wanted to have a conversation of breaking up with him in a public place, where she felt she would be safe. The reality, it pissed him off more because you came to the place where he was the man, you embarrassed him in front of his employer.  Kasandra my love, the safest way to break up with an abuser is to pack your things, take as much cash as you can get your hands on (cc & debit cards tell your location when being  used) and leave the area maybe even leave the state and don’t go to your family’s home, that’s the first place they will come looking for you.  The reality we saw in the story of Ike & Tina Turner, her mother always turned her over to the abuser, because he was a good man, doing so many good things for her, especially dressing her up making her  look pretty to go on STAGE for the people.  As the embarassment of shame will unfortunately reap these two families, will anyone stand up and tell the truth of Jovan & Kassandra’s relationship, if abuse exsisted and they ignored helping them or will the cliche let dead dogs lay be the choice of continued silence.  As a society we have contributed to this great tragedy.  You have not been  good role models  you have put people on a pedestal because they entertain you on Sundays, they entertain you while you smoke your cigarettes, over eat, cuss at the television and tell them to work harder, run faster, and make them feel they are bigger than life. These are the same actions we make with anyone in the public eye.  They make you live in the imaginary world of “Having it All” makes you happy, NOT HUMAN.  Media you even tell us it’s about gun control, when it’s about CHOICES, anybody with $10 can get a gun I am sure on the black market you can get any type of weapon any product.     You give athletes, entertainers, musicians  the key to abuse people any way they choose to recklessly abuse life, abuse women, abuse men, abuse animals, abuse the environment.  When they have unacceptable behaviors we pacify them and say, “Get some help and we forgive you”, just keep entertaining us no matter what the cost is,nor the circumstances.  Now you have baby Zoey, the abandoned child, whose father, killed her mother and killed himself.  Zoey I hope a fund will be established for you, life insurance policies don’t pay when you commit suicide.  Whose gonna step-up in the family to raise you as a LOVED child. Your father made the choice for you, your mother and hisself. If you need help or 1.800.656.HOPE  always love teresa


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