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FB Group safety

Greetings of Love,

I have great concerns regarding the safety and setup of Facebook groups.  I talk a lot about support for people who have been abused.  I entered a group, I found the behavior of the administrators those of controlling abusers.  Their actions they wanted to limit and chastise people in the group about telling their stories of survival.  When trigger words like mental illness, psychopathic those words were used in the conversation.  Those words triggered the negative behavior, at that point, I personally choose to not participate in the group.  After much thought, my conclusion, people should not start support groups of abuse until they themselves have completed 1 year of therapy.  This is the requirement to become a rainn maker or RAINN public speaker.  I also think about the people in those groups, some are searching very hard for the acceptance of a friend, for love.  This puts them in a very vulnerable situation of being victims in life again.  I strongly suggest, if someone invites you to a group and on their fb page you see very negative pictures, and you never see a persons face displayed anywhere on the fb page, that may be your warning sign.  Abusers are people looking for more victims.  Sadly, the internet allows room for people to be bullied, stalked and even mentally rape.  With an abundance of love, please seek support from safe alternatives.  Once you’ve been a victim and decided to heal, we have to question our own choices to not be victims anymore.


Always love teresa


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