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Who did ObamaCare Kill?

Did they die?No the people in this car was rushed to the hospital. Methodist  hospital which was right around the corner.   When they arrived at  the hospital they were taken directly to the treatment room .  Their were four  people in the car,  a pregnant woman who was 6 months pregnant, her husband, her mother and father along with the families dog.  The pregnant woman was on life support and the decision needed to be made if they would induce labor and take the baby, the chances of survival for the baby was 50%.  The pregnant woman’s mother was in critical condition also, she had breast cancer and was in need of surgery.  She was bleeding internally and the decision needed to be made once the bleeding had stopped if they would provide the surgery and remove the cancer.  The husband had an alcohol level of .08 he was legally DRUNK!  He sustanined no injuries and his father had also survived with minimal injuries.  Well the dog, he wasn’t so lucky.  He died immediately upon impact.  Due to the large outcry in the community, donations were accepted and the dog had a proper funeral burial.  The pregnant woman continued on life support, the baby was born, alive healthy no injuries, the older woman was given emergency surgery and the cancer was removed from her body.  She was scheduled for  chemo treatments.  The man  driving the car entered a treatment facility, the grand father began attending the methodist church on a regular basis.

Everyone in this car accident was protected as a human being.  It didn’t matter what hospital they went to, it didn’t matter if they had health insurance or not, it didn’t matter if the older lady had a pre-exsisting condition of cancer, everyones life had value to it.


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