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For many people  healthcare is not a major issue, anymore.  That concern is one major issue on the back burner.  I don’t think many people realize that, the issue wasn’t affordability for this country, the issue is:  Physicians, Pharmaceutical companies, Insurance companies will not be over charging for services that keep making each of them amongst the wealthiest people in this country.  They will get paid what the fair amount of money is across the board.  They will not be charging fee’s so high that they send many people into bankruptcy, because of the high cost of medical care.  US VOTERS have just set the expectation in this country.  We will not allow you to make us slaves to economics and basic human rights and needs.  Yes, the sun is shining all over the world.  Insurance companies will not be able to tell us, you have a pre-exsisting condition and we will not  insure you.  Now all the right wingers that have learned and being taught being greedy pays, has now learned, everyone at the table must eat.  Food among st the people at the dinner table should be shared fairly. This creates the motivation, for everyone to be the best people we can be.  Now we will see a large number of those people that can’t hide in tax sheltered accounts, flee.  They will take the money they have, buy a piece of land, build a home, buy as many guns as possible, and I’m most certain gold will sky rocket it will be the place they hide the money .  Whatever it takes not to share the wealth.   NOTHING last forever.  This is a country that has been built on the backs of many  people.  It is a wonderful day to see the progress of people as a whole.  Collectively we have made a statement in this country, we have taken the stand that everyone has rights, and no one has the right to take them away from us.  We are entitled to love who we choose, live where we choose, go to whatever school we choose and make the decision to go to clinics for birth controls, abortions, what we feel is in our best interest.  No one will put limitations of living better and well upon us.  As we rebuild America, of course it won’t always be fair, but I know, we do the best we can in the interest of everyone, not just the privileged.  Money can’t buy our morals.  Doesn’t matter what color, what language we are people and we are VOTERS with a voice.   Always love, thank you grandma for the blood you shed in this country for ME!  always love teresa


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