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Raping animals or people, where does it STOP?

 Move over HIV; something even more deadly
and contagious is about to afflict humanity.
Zoophilia and health Infections that are transmitted from animals to humans are called zoonoses.   Some zoonoses may be transferred through casual contact, but others are much
more readily transferred by activities that expose humans to the semen, vaginal fluids, urine, saliva, feces and blood of animals. Examples of zoonoses are Brucellosis, Q fever, leptospirosis, and toxocariasis. Therefore sexual   activity with animals is, in some instances, a high risk activity. Allergic reactions to animal semen may occur, including anaphylaxis. Bites and other trauma from penetration or trampling may occur.

Arguments for Zoophilia Defenders of zoophilia argue that “consent” is irrelevant because human practices (such as hunting, laboratory testing, artificial insemination, and slaughtering animals for meat) do not involve the consent of the animal.[109] Brian Cutteridge states the
following regarding this argument:   “Animal sexual autonomy is regularly violated for human financial gain through procedures such as [artificial insemination]. Such procedures are probably more disturbing physically and psychologically than acts of zoophilia would be, yet the issue of consent on the part of the animal is never raised in the discussion of such procedures. To confine the ‘right’ of any animal  strictly to acts of zoophilia is thus to make a law [against zoophilia] based not on reason but on moral prejudice, and to breach the constitutional rights of zoophiles to due process and equality before the law. Laws which criminalize zoophilia based on societal abhorrence of such acts rather than any real harm caused by such acts are an unjust and unconstitutional infringement on individual liberty.”
Miletski believes that “Animals are capable of sexual consent – and even initiation – in their own way.” It is not an uncommon practice for dogs to attempt to copulate with (“hump”) the legs of people of both genders. Rosenberger (1968) emphasizes that as far as cunnilingus is concerned, dogs require no training, and even Dekkers (1994) and Menninger (1951) admit that
sometimes animals take the initiative and do so impulsively. Those supporting zoophilia feel animals sometimes even seem to enjoy the sexual attention or voluntarily initiate sexual activity with humans. Animals such as dogs can be willing participants in sexual activity with humans, and “seem to enjoy the attention provided by the sexual interaction with a human.”
Animal owners normally know what their own pets like or do not like. Most people can tell if an animal does not like how it is being petted, because it will move away. An animal that is liking being petted pushes against the hand, and seems to enjoy it. To those defending zoopilia this is seen as a way in which animals give consent, or the fact that a dog might wag its tail.

Zoophilia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Zoophilia, from the Greek ζῷον (zṓion, “animal”) and φ

Zoophilia, also known as bestiality, is the practice of sexual activity between humans and animals, or a preference for or fixation on such a practice. Zoophilia is illegal in the US. It is also considered animal abuse/cruelty to animals.

The Kinsey reports rated the percentage of people who had sexual interaction with animals at some point in their lives as 8% for men and 3.6% for women, and claimed it was 40–50% in people living near farms,[17] but some later writers dispute the figures, because the study lacked a random sample in that it included a disproportional amount of prisoners, causing sampling bias. Martin Duberman has written that it is difficult to get a random sample in sexual research, and that even when Paul Gebhard, Kinsey’s research successor, removed prison samples from the figures, he found the figures were not significantly changed.[18Zoophiles have been described as “occupying [many] different demographic categories: white, black, Asian, Mormon, Amish, Catholic, atheist, pagan, Jewish, male and female.”.[27] In addition, people who “grew up in the country around animals were no more likely to become zoophiles than those who grew up in the city without them.”[28 

Rape abuse, is this the kinda of society we have become, no matter who , what , where or when we want a fix for the sexual desires created.  Our new addiction, RAPE!


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