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Whitney Heichel our tears of why Jonathan Holt KILLED!


I am so sorry you didn’t have a chance to have children or build the future you and your husband had plans on doing.  I apologize to you that society have monsters that we sometimes call friends.  I am sorry we attend church and give people the benefit of the doubt, that they serve a GOD/Jehovah in the same positive manner as we do.  Always looking for the good in people.  I am grateful, many people had the opportunity to see your smiling face and great conversations, at 1 of my favorite places, Starbucks.  I am grateful you had people that lOVED you and still loves you.  It saddens my heart to know your siblings will live with the thought of your violent transistion, but the reality to many of us, mental illness is within eveyone’s reach.  People that look like everyone else, some upright and noble in many people’s eye.  Jonathan commited a crime displaying ANGER, CONTROL AND VIOLENCE.  He raped you, they say sodomized, I say you screamed to him NO!NO!STOP!  with tears in your eyes.  He blamed you for all the injustices in his life.  His hate and anger was outta control.  He wanted to punish you, he wanted to hurt you and he degraded you.  Your status was one of love, you were happy within yourself, happy in your marriage, happy in life.  He is angry.  It showd in his violent acts upon you.  I’m certain we will find out more about the abuse that occured in his childhood, someone physically and sexually abused him.  His characteristics display he was angry with his wife Amanda, they had a fight about his extramaritial affairs flings and he was uncontroablly angry, all that rage within him.  He saw you, the perfect example of a woman.  He hated the fact he couldn’t have you, he was so angry he did the unthinkable, kidnapped you, robbed you,RAPED you and shot you.  He is one in the 5% of Anger Retaliatories in this country.  Classified as VERY DANGEROUS.  Hoping his wife stands for justice and the truth as proclaimed in your religion in order to bring a larger awareness of people.  always love Teresa


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