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Richard Murdock is a “Slave Master”

How dare you think you have the right to take our rights away from us.  My grandmother earned my right in this country.  Her blood, sweat and tears carried many for centuries.  The plantation owners dictated the life style of abusing women, men, children even their own wives. All in the name of GOD.   They treated our bodies like dirt.  They picked over our children to appease their sexual desires, the age of the child didn’t matter,  the only concern, who was sexually appealing to you MASTER.  No choices, a mother and father would be silenced, only to see their child being taken away and sexually violated, beaten, and her womanhood would begin.  She was forced to cater to the beckoning call of the “Master”, he would rape her continuously, then forcibly go to his wifes bed and rape her over and over again.  They both birthed children and the sexual gratification  you MASTER desired was always fulfilled.  None of the women had a right to say “NO”, they didn’t have a CHOICE, they didn’t have a choice in the GOD they served, they didn’t have a right to make choices, not even a right to VOTE.    2012 in the United States of America we have the right of choice, the right to love who we choose, the right to serve whatever GOD we chose .  We have the right to an education, a right to fair wages, fair living conditions and the right to live well.  Anyone or political party that violates  our human rights, if they are  in search of employment, we must evaluate their moral values and make them hear us in our votes. We are losing many women, children, boys and men in a society that allows “legitimate rape as being God at work, when rape leads to pregnancy. ”  Was the abduction and rape of Keiosha Felix justified, how about, Whitney Heichel?

Always love teresa


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