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President Obama & Romney

Hey you two, over here.  I don’t know you personally,I just know what they say about you.  I look at you and wonder, which of you will help “Us the People.”  Which of you will create laws that will stop screams from the grave.  So many of my brothers and sisters are being victimized, beaten and raped,tortured by the people who will vote for  you .  In my eyes, I see a tree and hanging from it, Keiosha Felix, Whitney Heichel,Autumn Pasquale & Malala Yousafzai being lynched, they only wanted to be protected, educated, productive citizens & have someone to listen to them. They were  legitimately raped,  legally beaten,silenced by people and laws .  As I walk  to the bathroom, the sign to the left reads rapist,abusers,no partners,bullies,53 percenters,no tax statements required, the ability to conceal your identity, this way .  To the right, 47 percenters,  advocates,humanitarians,philanthropist,right to choice & right to life, those that want to stand and fight for change & truth, with the courage of a world wide movement of positive change. I of course, procedeed to the right, used the restroom always looking behind me.   I washed my hands, and went to the water fountain for a drink of water the sign in front of the restroom read,  you want a choice go drink from the fountain in the back of the building.


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