Lateresa A. Jones

You again Darkness! People that look totally normal on the outside and we have not a clue of the mental capacity on the inside, you attract them into your dungeons, they feed innocent souls salvation lies. They sexually abuse them in-pregnate them and say it’s ok, no-one will know. It will be our secret. They provide all the things a kid would love,clothing, food, video games and clothes. The child that has been birthed and your secretly the father you financially provide for and the woman you call your woman you beat her and contribute to her finacial self esteem, calling her your partner in crime.All for the temporary quietness of keeping the secret. Those things are not enough to contain the need to SCREAM out, “I’m being abused”, when finally they do scream out to the person or people family, church family, minister, grandfather, aunts, uncles, they tell the…

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