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“It is so much easier to consign a soul to perdition or to say prayers to save it, than to take the blame on ourselves for letting it grow up in neglect and run to ruin.” Oliver Wendell Holmes
Dear great church that represents the almighty creator of all things, why have you chosen to miseducate so many of our souls? We believed in what you represented by repenting our sins, and they were actually the sins that had been committed against us, we wanted to be Christ like and repent for our abusers taking the responsibility of the adult who sinned against us. We believed that once we were baptized our souls would be cleansed and free of all sin, all the sin of the world that was in our souls. We believed no matter how many times our bodies were raped , beaten and viciously abused by people we loved, when you got hold of our bodies, you would cleanse it like Jesus would do. You would burn incense and pray the rosary with us and tell us it would be all forgiven by GOD for God forgive all sinners when you repent and ask forgiveness. Oh great leaders of the church will God forgive us for worshiping you as we would worship him? Or have you condemned our souls to burn in hell? So many of you have taken the pure intentions of good and twisted it to benefit the evil desires of your souls. The burning desire of fulfilling our sexual fantasies with the one’s closes to a cleansed soul, the ones who we continue to take their voices away and silence them. The ones who the adult has no conscious of hitting in the mouth for it has been taught that talking back to your elder is disrespectful,” do as I say not as I do”, that’s what children are suppose to do to be considered good children. Baptist, Catholic, Protestant, Seventh Day Adventist,Lutheran,Orthodox,Latter Day Saints,Scientology, the choice has been yours to decide what house you would practice your rituals of abuse and blame it on the devil and then de-demonize the souls you have abused. You oh great church leaders would repent your sins against each and every pure soul you victimized and did it over and over again until you felt your revenge against GOD for being so great. Our families sitting in your pews worshiping the same devil you and they served. All the tithing and donations in the world, will not pay the cost of your sin, for it will be GOD who will judge you. God will also judge your church goers, parishoners for turning the other cheek in vain. We were warned, the Devil wears Prada.
always love teresa


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