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50 Shades of Darkness-Keiosha Felix

You again Darkness! People that look totally normal on the outside and we have not a clue of the mental capacity on the inside, you attract them into your dungeons, they feed innocent souls salvation lies. They sexually abuse them in-pregnate them and say it’s ok, no-one will know. It will be our secret. They provide all the things a kid would love,clothing, food, video games and clothes. The child that has been birthed and your secretly the father you financially provide for and the woman you call your woman you beat her and contribute to her finacial self esteem, calling her your partner in crime.All for the temporary quietness of keeping the secret. Those things are not enough to contain the need to SCREAM out, “I’m being abused”, when finally they do scream out to the person or people family, church family, minister, grandfather, aunts, uncles, they tell the truth. “Your boyfriend is raping me”, you hush the child and say if you stop fucking him he will leave us and we will not live like we do, everybody will know your a hoe, you better sleep with other women and men to keep him satisfied. It will be ok, I’m your aunt will I do anything that will hurt you?I took you in , when no-one wanted you. If you tell anyone whose gonna believe you? Now give me the baby and go do what your suppose to do to earn your keep in this house. You welcome other relatives over they drink,eat, smoke and enjoy the pleasures of X-rated movies,they offer you drugs, alcohol to continue to pull you into the devil’s dungeon. I’m living my life like an actress, I go to school talk to my friends, the people I wish I could tell the truth,if they only knew! when I get home, I hug and kiss the thing I love the most and loves me in return, the daughter that belongs to me. I am raped and beaten on a regular basis, my body is tortured by many people, women and men all for the cost of living. I am 15 and have lived my whole life in pain and shame, not seeing a way out. They have been selling my soul since I was 12 , who do I trust in?I will continue to do what I am told to do and pretend there is nothing wrong. I should be given an award for being a great actress. Finally, one day my body and mind will heal from this pain I live. I will make life better for my daughter and myself. The day is today, I have taken a stand and told my aunts, cousins, and babies daddy (my rapist)NO MORE! I won’t tell anyone what yall are doing, I just wanna take my baby, and live a normal life. Just let me be, i beg you, your my family, the people I LOVE, I just don’t wanna live like this anymore, I’m better than this, what did I do that was so horrible to be treated like this?What did I do, no one will help me? I’m free, I see so many people searching for me, I see my daughter safe, the people I called family continues to lie and say I ran away, they say I’m on the streets selling my body and just left my young child to fend for herself, they are saying he did touch me and fondle me. They gave my soul as a sacrifice to the devil. All those in search of me, stand for justice and allow those that have wronged me to be prosecuted to the fullest of the law. Prosecute the man that beat me and raped me and allowed others to rape me. Prosecute my aunts and family for being accomplice to my abuse. Keep your hearts open and follow your spirit of truth, don’t be afraid to stand for what’s right,protect others like me. This time the devil has taken care of making the rules.
always love Teresa


4 thoughts on “50 Shades of Darkness-Keiosha Felix

    1. BeEtLjOoz thank you for reblogging, Keiosha’s story is my story. I feel her pain and we will not let this just go away. Society will deal with it’s injustices and at least try and do the best to fix a system that is broken. Keep informing LA and help the movement grow. Always love teresa


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