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Jerry on behalf of all us “Survivors of sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse and societies abuse, THANK-YOU!” You have encouraged more survivors to come out the closet and realize it is not our fault. You have opened the conversation of change and allowed many who have been ashamed that they were victimized, attacked, assaulted and SILENCED. You have given them the POWER to speak again. This time, they stood up and asked for help. One of the most wonderful things of entering into the world of survivor-ship is taking back your VOICE and taking back your life, making the decision not to be a victim. When victims don’t take their power back they are usually in unhealthy abusive relationships, no matter what the gender of the relationship. Until you begin to heal your inner person, you are not able to acknowledge who belongs in your life and who doesn’t belong in your life. This sometimes and a lot of the time include parents, siblings relatives and the abusers. The beginning of entering into living well,is at your fingertips, some options RAINN 1.800.656.HOPE or, United Way also offers wonderful counseling and support groups these are only a few resources and they are confidential .

Society, you for to long have been morally corrupt. You have given abusers, criminals, more power over the years to continue to abuse,friends, family and community we pay sports coaches financially better than we do our children’s school teachers (that’s because you the parents are 80% of the abusers and the only help most abused children will get will come from siblings reporting the abuse or other family members and friends taking a stand). We will pay outrageous amounts of money to view a sports game. You have allowed this because you care more about “Winning the game “, then you care about “doing the right thing. In society you display your anger, your thoughtlessness of mankind. You curse, spit, throw things because your team isn’t winning the game, when it comes to abuse,let’s say the Jerry Sandusky case, when he was sentenced you displayed those same acions of anger, made comments of abuse, called him a horrible pig, while he’s in jail he will get what’s due him, some of you even commented he may like what they do to him. You feed off of the temporary gratification of agreeing with society of the shameful acts committed against children (people). At least PENN state had enough courage to take a stand and stand by the conviction of who they are praising and representing. You as a society, will not discuss it again until another case is bought into the light. Your praying it isn’t your family bought into the light of shamefulness, disgust. That is what needs to happen to break the cycles of abuse. More people need to take the stand to HELP . always love Teresa I

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