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America when do you take responsibility?

America when do we take responsibility for all the issues we created in the past.  We have ignored the problems, ignored the signs and chose not to deal with them.  The actions of the past is what we are dealing with today.Bullying you blame those actions on your children, not the fact that a mean action of pushing, hitting, cursing or name calling comes from a parent/s.  You only care when someone is physically hurt, you don’t think about the emotional effects your actions have or the example your setting for your children or grandchildren.  A college student has a religious belief with conviction,commitment for what,who she believes while a young man takes a picture of her, puts it on the internet with the bad heart condition of making fun of someone because her looks didn’t meet his expectations.  The reality, what gives us human beings the right to judge others.  A news anchor is sent vicious emails regarding her weight from an adult, so what about her weight,guess everyone should look like a junkie.A few decades ago, big booties and big lips were a no-no to society, now everyone wants to look booty-Delicious with suck-able lips.  Road-rage we give it a name for people that are so angry they want to hurt someone else because they are driving the speed limit, maybe the car manufacturers shouldn’t make the cars go so fast.  Human trafficking same as human slavery just the boundaries have expanded to global slavery no discrimination involved they are equal opportunity employers. Fair Trade who cares about the rights of children, who actually cares if the Products create opportunities economically and socially for producers, or pay promptly and fairly or if safe and empowering working conditions exist.Immigration another way of using the word “those People” ,to bad they can’t be sprayed with a fire hose, but they surely can go to jail or to the schools for the colored. Legitimate rape my lawmaker says it’s in the guide lines of the law for you to violate me sexually,physically, mentally, and make me pregnable, carry a child, I hate.  Since 80% of child abusers are parents or relatives it’s ok for them to legitimately rape me, their is no statue of limitations on my age.  Once I’m old enough to decide what my options are I will commit suicide, runaway or do what my family and lawmakers said it is ok to do, do onto others as it was done unto me  beat or rape someone else. I will blame it on my, mental illness I’m sure no-one will question me, not even a teacher, family member or any adult not even the police. Our society says” It ain’t my child”.  Sounds like the 47% those are the ones that don’t care about taking responsibility for the actions they have created in society.  We even blame the collapse of the economy on the government not the fact that we were eating with our eyes we bought things because we felt as though we could pay for it later.  Later is here, and we have just started paying the interest due.  The fact is “learned behavior!”  When you look at yourself, or should I say look at your children, what you have taught them, what you have done to them, reflects who we are and what we have become as a society.     

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