Hello world!

Welcome ! This is my very first post.  I’m excited to speak publicly about Rape, Abuse & Incest in the World.  So often, people are afraid to talk about their experience, and their silence exacerbates the pain.  I want to be a positive example of survival that can truly impact those who are still struggling.  My goal

  1. To increase public awareness of the mental health effects of abuse (physical, sexual, mental,verbal, social)
  2. To make people aware of the recovery resources that organizations provide
  3. To dispel common myths about assaults
  4. To emphasize sexual assault is a crime
  5. To suggest ways of  ” How to Love” ourselves
  6. To give hope to those that need it most.  Support, empower,  listen, comfort,  encourage, help, give strength, be a friend
  7. Help someone take back their life
  8. Turn victims into survivors

I am your RAINN MAKER, Teresa!

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. It’s people like you that are empowering to other survivors and I commend you on speaking out and raising awareness. I, too, am looking to do the same through my blog. You said you’re a RAINN maker? I was looking into their speaker’s bureau. How is it being a RAINN maker? I have thought about doing that as well.


    1. Hey sister of Love Sarah, an abundance of “thank you’s.” I love RAINN, because they provide resources for people obtaining help that want to cross over into becoming a survivor. RAINN provides a website which is also awesome. Let’s continue to talk, always love teresa


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