Jimmy Savile~Human Trafficker of Children

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, you paid for the state to brothel your appetite for sex.  Anyway you wanted it.  They bought children to feed your hungry apetite ;regardless; those children were already outcast from society but the best victims for you.  The one’s society didn’t care about, the children in the states care.  Children that were already unsettled mentally or emotionally.  You decided prime target.  You earned millions, donating large amounts of HUSH money to the children’s home.  You were the upright citizen in society for good!  You taught group homes, your friends, statesmen even the media how to engage our children physically in commerce.  You taught them what abusers do, they finacially take good care of the places where they victimize.  You protected your personal residence, your mother, your accomplice ,protected you.  She told her grand daughter, when she confined in her grandma, Uncle Jimmy touched me, had sex with me, grandma laughed and said”oh that’s just Jimmy”. He does that to all the babies in the family, your now broken in.  Good job Jimmy, everyone of those children you raped are 3 times more likely to suffer from depression, are 6 timesmore likely to suffer from post-traumatic  stress disorder, 13 times more likely to abuse alcohol, 26 more timeslikely to abuse drugs and 4 times more likely to contemplate suicide.  Jimmy we know you liked the girls more than the boys, but the choice was yours, you payed for it.  Good ole society turned the other cheek ignored the cries of the children. With warm hugs of love, to them ALL they have taken their voices back and decided to become survivors, they are healing, they are talking about the abuse, talking to make you hear them. They are giving courage to other victims, don’t be afraid. You can do it. The estate is up and open, sue win and get what you survivors deserve. Oh yeah, Jimmy was presented with the NCW-2012 Awards (Nigga,Cracker,Wetback Awards)

RAINN can help anywhere in the world, “that’s why I love them sooo much:)
http://www.rainn.org or 1800656HOPE

always love teresa

11 Parents Of Nigeria’s Abducted Girls Die

Lateresa Jones:

People must stand up for there own human rights.

Originally posted on Black America Web:

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — About a dozen parents of the more than 200 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls will never see their daughters again.

Since the mass abduction of the schoolgirls by Islamic extremists three months ago, at least 11 of their parents have died and their hometown, Chibok, is under siege from the militants, residents report.

Seven fathers of kidnapped girls were among 51 bodies brought to Chibok hospital after an attack on the nearby village of Kautakari this month, said a health worker who insisted on anonymity for fear of reprisals by the extremists.

At least four more parents have died of heart failure, high blood pressure and other illnesses that the community blames on trauma due to the mass abduction 100 days ago, said community leader Pogu Bitrus, who provided their names.

“One father of two of the girls kidnapped just went into a kind of coma and kept…

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Broncos Safety T.J. Ward Scheduled For Court On Assault Charge

Lateresa Jones:

What makes them think they can mistreat people!

Originally posted on Black America Web:

DENVER (AP) — Broncos safety T.J. Ward is scheduled to be in court for charges stemming from an incident at a strip club.

Ward faces misdemeanor assault and disturbing the peace charges for allegedly throwing a glass mug at a female bartender May 10 at PT’s All Nude Club. Ward’s hearing in Denver County Court is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The 27-year-old Ward signed a four-year, $22.5 million deal with Denver this spring. He is coming off a Pro Bowl season in Cleveland, where he also earned second-team All-Pro honors last year.

Ward is a major component of Denver’s defensive makeover this offseason following the AFC champions’ loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

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Another Ozone Action Day As Temperatures Soar To The 90s

Lateresa Jones:

This is how we did it in the Day. It’s awesome to see happy kids.

Originally posted on CBS Detroit:

DETROIT (WWJ) - Another day of hot, sticky weather means another Ozone Action Day across metro Detroit.

The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments says high temps and high humidity will lead to increased ozone levels Tuesday. People are being urged to avoid the gas pump, put off outdoor yard work, and pass on any other activities that might release gas fumes into the air.

CBS 62 Meteorologist April Moss said Tuesday will be very hot and humid, with temperatures reaching into the 90s.

“This hot, hazy weather will push through throughout the day and then Tuesday night into Wednesday, a cold front will push through, dropping temperatures about 20 degrees,” she said.

Here’s the extended forecast from the CBS Detroit weather team:

Tuesday: Mostly sunny, hot and humid. High 90F.
Tuesday Night: Increasing clouds with a shower or thunderstorm around late. Low 68F.

Wednesday: A shower in…

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COGIC’s 100 Most Influential Pastors of 2014 Are Highlighted in “The Whole Truth” Magazine

Lateresa Jones:

Are they influential or pimping preachers? You decide. I didn’t see Rev. Ike on the list he created the list before it became a list.

Originally posted on WERE-AM 1490:

The Whole Truth

In the latest edition of The Church of God in Christ’s eMagazine, the denomination honored its 100 most influential pastors of 2014.

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Detroit Retirees Back Pension Cuts By A Landslide

Lateresa Jones:

Detroiters know what it takes to sacrifice and survive.

Originally posted on Black America Web:

DETROIT (AP) — A year after filing for bankruptcy, Detroit is building momentum to get out, especially after workers and retirees voted in favor of major pension changes just a few weeks before a judge holds a crucial trial that could end the largest public filing in U.S. history.

Pension cuts were approved in a landslide, according to results filed shortly before midnight Monday. The tally from 60 days of voting gives the city a boost as Judge Steven Rhodes determines whether Detroit’s overall strategy to eliminate or reduce $18 billion in long-term debt is fair and feasible to all creditors.

Trial starts Aug. 14.

“I want to thank city retirees and active employees who voted for casting aside the rhetoric and making an informed, positive decision about their future and the future of the city,” said Kevyn Orr, the state-appointed emergency manager who has been handling Detroit’s finances since…

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